Novel Jazz Testimonials over the years...

Thank you to the Novel Jazz Septet for a lovely experience last night.  After the show, I kept thinking about how fun it was to see musicians just doing what they love so much. As I think more today, I am also taken by the incredible thought and scholarship that is invested in your work. From sharing stories of finding music in the Smithsonian to inviting us to consider historical implications and modern parallels in the work, the insights offered by the band left me with much more to continue to digest. Today, I am reflecting about the depths of the unspoken languages of human beings, the rhythm and harmonies of human relationships, the timeless implications of personal narratives, and the absolute magic of being.  Thanks again!  Wow!



I was particularly pleased to get the Novel Jazz Septet album as I had heard them featured several times and had tried to source their album through iTunes - I hadn’t realised they were a local Maine group. Such was their quality and repertoire I had envisaged them as a a national or internationally known group. Tackling the lesser known Ellington/Strayhorn numbers has opened a few new ones to me and I have enjoyed and played over a few times “Single Petal of a Rose” which I had not heard before and which now joins “Prelude to a Kiss” as one of my favorite Ellington numbers.

BF, Aukland, New Zealand


Just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and your colleagues for a truly remarkable jazz evening in Damariscotta  library. Having had the pleasure to listen to some of the Jazz greats both here in the US and Europe over the last 50 years ,  this evening was a total surprise in the very best of ways


Novel Jazz is just fantastic with an astounding repertoire. every member playing with great skill, enthusiasm, musicality and unique  improvisations   Jazz, Jazz, Jazz

The balance and capability of each of you makes this band great, an ensemble for sure

You would enrich any Jazz club with your program and without doubt are on par with the very best in Jazz

Being a great fan of the trumpet please convey my thanks to Mike Mitchell for his remarkable solo after the break.    Chet Baker fans both of us, so it seems

So I Thank you All.



Midcoast Maine and Germany


We (and the couple who accompanied us) appreciated the performance last night. …It’s obvious to us in the audience that the players are passionate about the music you play, and also about playing with each other. Of course, it also helps that you research from that sweet spot in jazz history that has such intellectual and emotional satisfaction, you have GREAT arrangements, and the individual musicians do the most with their parts.


Ken Burns, the historian, was once asked about what contribution he thought America made to civilization, from the vantage point of 1,000 years from now. As I recall, he  said three things: Our Constitution, baseball and jazz. “The genius of our country is improvisation, and jazz reflects that. It's our great contribution to the arts.”


Barney, thanks again to your band for your contribution toward keeping the art (and the history) of  a GREAT American composer alive until then.



South Bristol and Georgia, U.S.


Thanks again, Barney. It was really a special day and your band was the cherry on top. 

Please do add us to your mailing list -- and if you ever need a testimonial, we'd be happy to oblige :)

Great to think we'll see you around - especially with other friends in the mix!

Best to you,


Chamberlain, ME



We just wanted to thank you and let you know that all of our guests loved your performance.  Thank you so much for traveling so far to make our reception fun and perfect. 

M.W. and E.W.


Just wanted to say Thank you so much for the beautiful music at the 1812 Barn the other night.  Very nice evening of food, friends and music!  We are so lucky to have such talented people in our community. 

J.K. and S.K.

Damariscotta, Maine


It was great to hear and see you all.  Our dinner and dance was a great success.  Your new CD is lovely; I heard the whole thing on a trip the next day.  I hope to catch your music this coming summer….somewhere. 


Midcoast Maine



Your jazz performance at the church was simply wonderful!  You were so good at leading us in singing, in dealing so professionally with the other musicians and blending with the order of worship so easily and with warmth and charm.  I was touched by “It’s a Wonderful World.”  So glad I was a part of the service. 


Midcoast Maine.


What a wonderful concert in August at the Opera House.  I was so wishing I had my son and his three boys there—play trombone, trumpet and sax. 

Thanks for your great music and Church Sunday .