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"Happy Reunion"

9 June 2021

Dear Friends of Novel Jazz,

The last time that the full Novel Jazz Septet performed for you live was some 19 months ago for a performance at Skidompha Public Library in Damariscotta, in mid-November 2019. After that performance, we all went our separate ways for the winter, then "Covid-19" shut-downs began in March 2020. As they say, “the rest is history.” The purpose of this note is to let you know that our music performances will be opening-up in late July, 2021. There is only a small number of dates so far, but we hope that grows to a regular seasonal schedule for 2021!

The band has kept busy during this long hiatus with plenty of practicing at home, lots of zoom calls and doing arrangements of new Ellington and Strayhorn tunes, some collected from the Smithsonian Museum of American History as well as the Library of Congress (just before Covid first appeared). Following vaccinations, we had our first practice in the first week of June, to run some new tunes! Needless to say, it was glorious!

Thanks for your patience all these many months during this music-less pandemic. Please check our calendar regularly on this web site for any new concert dates, and above all, please get your vaccinations! This is THE key to getting back to safe live performances!

We look forward to a happy reunion with you all in the summer of 2021!


Barney Balch

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